Day 25 (cheating): Oh hey, there’s an M.R. James podcast!

BBC-Ghost-Stories-Volume-1-Whistle-and-Ill-Come-to-You-32704_9 (3)

It’s as if someone visited my Pinterest page, threw the DeLorean in reverse for about four years, and retconned me a podcast! (I do recall that Englishmen are exceptionally good about offering to help you carry your luggage, but this is truly next-level.)

The hosts are so British, like educated-British (the most telling statement? “We’re having quite an outdoorsy day, with the sunlight streaming in through the window!”), and they are so keen on M.R. James — so far, my favorite (horror-related) discovery this year. Just digging into this one, but it appears they go story by story, reading excerpts (or employing a raspy-voiced lady-friend — subject to availability –to read excerpts), then discuss the background of each and analyze the story.

This is going to completely change long drives and how I clean the house for the next couple weeks.

Here are the episodes for some of my favorite M.R. James tales, ranked in order of preference (of story, not podcast quality):

The Wailing Well
Casting the Runes (part I, part II)
Number 13
Oh, Whistle and I’ll Come to You, My Lad (part I, part II)
The Tractate Middoth
The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral
Count Magnus
The Ash-Tree


originally published Oct 26 2015

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