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(venuszine)¬†Gender-bending glam queen Peaches returns with a techno-fab offering of dancehall dirtiness and erotic electronica, and even the lineup is a playful dig at Peaches’ infamous paradoxes ? the hip-hop stylized apathy of opening trap “Serpentine” (“I don’t give a fuck if you’re callin’ me / I don’t give a fuck if you’re maulin’ me”) is edged offstage by the disco-tinged anthem, “Talk To Me,” a feisty plea that puts Peaches on par with childhood influence Donna Summer belting her best.

Subdued synthesizer takes the reins for a two-track breather until the savvy, over-sexed “Billionaire,” a pulsating proposition with all the self-affirmation used by Peaches’ rapping contemporaries; the promise to “Fuck you like a billionaire” offers an understated hook as she argues for her rightful place on top of her latest conquest. This techno, neo-burlesque statement of self reaches its hilt with “Trick Or Treat,” which plays out like a credo of the artist’s public persona (“Keep my clothes kinky and a hole in my sheet / Never go to bed without a piece of raw meat”).

But Peaches takes a step back with the playground patter of “Mommy Complex,” a jump rope ditty of a come-on to ? we can only assume ? an object of desire suffering from severe Freudian issues. Not to fear ? it all wraps up nicely in an electric, acid-tongued package with the quasi-romantic “Take You On,” a low-key closer that manages to mix the sadistic and the sentimental, perfectly nailing Peaches’ emotional range.

The mix ? and remix ? of the nasty and the benignly cool make for a solid dance album that is more shocking for its unexpected bursts of wit than for the pervading raunchiness Peaches? fans have come to know and love.

originally published May 11 2009

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