At Least There’s This: Blue Planet 2 Host Alex Shifman asks about and indulges my love of the BBC/Sir David Attenborough’s latest offering — as he puts it, “a little mindfulness meditation on the mind numbing horror of a prehistoric fish and other wonders.” We touch on optimism, anxiety, and why knowing that centuries-old sharks are out there skimming the coasts of Greenland actually brings us comfort in these trying times.


Best Bad Movie Ever: Streets of Fire I sit down with former Cracked colleagues/cohorts David Bell and Tom Reimann to defend my love of the 1984 dystopian “rock and roll fable” Streets of Fire, which features a young and sharply beautiful Willem Dafoe, an even younger Diane Lane doing a spot-on Pat Benatar, and a rather underwhelming Michael ParĂ©. Fun fact: Filmed almost entirely below an overpass, this rollicking feature was meant to be the first of an action trilogy. (An unofficial sequel starring ParĂ© is out there…if only you believe. And are willing to look for it.)


Cracked podcast: Why Every Billionaire Is Becoming A Doomsday Prepper I join Jack O’Brien and Alex Schmidt to discuss the day India’s paper money lost its value, as well as what I learned from interviewing sources in Nigeria and Syria about how they prepare for their worst-case scenarios on a daily basis. We injected some levity by talking our own emergency plans (or lack thereof), and all the earthquake preparedness kits we’ve assembled in our lives.


Cracked podcast: How Would You Adjust If The Internet Just Went Away? About an hour in, I embark on a harrowing thought experiment with Alex Schmidt and Kristi Harrison: What would my line of work be if the internet no longer — or had never — existed? I theorize I’d probably fall back on the family (well, my father’s) trade, which involves horses, their footwear, and a lot of heavy lifting.


It’s All Journalism, episode #240: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Newsroom Host Michael O’Connell asks me about the weird and wonderful ways comedy and journalism have intersected throughout my career, and I make a plea for underground press icon John Wilcock’s GoFundMe retirement campaign.

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