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Sexsomnia: “I Have Sex While I’m Sleeping And I Can’t Control It”

6 Scary Realities Of Working With Actual Psychopaths

Surprising Insider Realities Of Being Trans In The Military (w/Robert Evans)

There’s A Public Shaming Industry (And It Held Me Hostage)

It Happens Here: The Reality of Female Genital Mutilation

4 Shocking Reasons Veterinarians Have A Huge Risk Of Suicide

You Heard Us Called ‘Death Panels’ (Here’s The Truth)

4 Reasons Flint’s Water Crisis Is Worse Than You Think

My Parents Paid A Rehab Camp To Abuse Me: 5 Dark Realities

What Happens When Your Money Is Suddenly Worthless?

5 Realities Of Life When You Know You’re Going To Die

How To Find Anyone: 5 Lessons From Serving People Papers

5 Nasty Realities Of Working In A Hooters-Style Breastaurant

4 Reasons Why Oscar Voting Is Dumb, Explained By A Voter (w/Evan Symon and Robert Evans)


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Facebook Wants All Your Nudes (To Prevent Revenge Porn)

The Trailer For Louis C.K’s New Movie Is Aggressively Tone-Deaf And Poorly Timed


Why Every Billionaire Is Becoming A Doomsday Prepper:

How Would You Adjust If The Internet Just Went Away?:

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