Day 10: Celebrity Ghost Stories


What I’m learning — and fast — is that #31DaysofHorror isn’t always glamorous. Commitment never is. And some days, the weight of the week hangs heavy on your shoulders…



So far, my favorite stand-alone episode is the following, wherein…¬†Alan Thicke glimpses Rasputin! (the line between living and dead is blurred, if you will); Fairuza Balk encounters highly irresponsible hotel hospitality staff; Kevin Pollack dates a woman with the most harrowing sleep disorder imaginable; and Laila Ali gets a valid reason to break it all off with a friend:


Pam Grier experiences something quite sweet from the great beyond:


and dear old John Waters gleaned perhaps the opposite life lesson intended from his creepy forest encounter:

and finally, the most unsettling/unsolved mystery of them all: WHAT THE HELL ARTICLE WAS TOM GREEN WORKING ON!??

originally published Oct 11 2015

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